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We are the natural choice for primary and secondary industry facility design

Arcadia Engineering offers significant expertise in the procurement and development of industrial, distribution and manufacturing facilities. We can always find better ways of delivering projects – more efficient, more cost-effective and more sustainable.

As we are working in close partnership with our clients, we have an unrivalled record of accomplishment, having provided facilities exceeding 150,000 sq.m. in recent years. We have gained our expertise from working on major new projects. We like complex projects that give us the opportunity to innovate, add value, develop our people and succeed where others may not even try. Defining and fulfilling the aspirations of our clients in the manufacturing sector is an exciting challenge.

We focus on original thought, shared energy and positive communication. Our clients developers, occupiers and operators) trust us to provide the sound advice that stems from a clear understanding of the pressures they face.

Arcadia Engineering successfully offers professional architecture, project management and engineering services to many areas of industry. Plant layout and process planning – for developing raw materials into stored finished goods – requires the experience we can provide from our broad skill base. Our specialists can craft any enclosure using proportion, form and materials, to provide our clients with a design that will positively project the image of their company.